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Hardware installation

Just bought the latest and greatest video card? A new processor maybe? We known installing new and expensive hardware can be stressful! Life is already stressful enough, so let us do that for you! We offer peace of mind, and our professionals will do the job right. Don’t make you expensive uprgrade even more expensive!

Software installation

The new Office install isn’t working? Can’t get your that new web browser to finish it’s setup, or maybe, you simply don’t want to try. Leave it to us! We can handle it for you.

Virus and malware removal

Has your PC gotten slow? Are you getting random unwanted pop-ups all the time? Your computer might need a little “spring cleaning”! At Kingsville Informatique we have the necessary tools and know how to remove those pesky and incessant pop-ups, so your computer can run as smoothly as the day you first booted it up!

Opening system reinstalls and upgrades

Has your PC gotten bloated with useless software over the years? Do you just want the latest version of Windows installed, without loosing your data? Or maybe you want to try out something new like Linux? We have you covered!


Are you getting random Blue Screen of Death errors and don’t know what they mean? Is your pc turning on but not booting to Windows, or is your Mac showing you a folder icon on boot? We can help you with that!