Kingsville Informatique is now KVIX!

We are proud to announce a new era is upon us! As Kingsville Informatique has passed the five-year mark as of October 2023, we have decided to expand our services out of Thetford Mines, Quebec and make our services available to all of Quebec!

The decision to change the name from Kingsville Informatique was made because the name looses its sense out of the region of Thetford Mines.

Thetford Mines was historically named Kingsville. The change was made in 1903, as the asbestos mining was in full operation.

The name Kingsville is still widely used in Thetford Mines, for example, Clinique Médicale Kingsville and Auberge Le Kingsville were among those who also use the historical name!

Seeing as though our clientele now reaches the out of town, and that we have from all corners of the province of Quebec, we have opted for the name change. 

Same location, same website, new domain, new name!

KV = Kingsville

I = Informatique

X = The multiple services we offer!


Welcome to KVIX!